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Name:Samantha Vetter
Birthdate:Apr 3, 1982
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States of America
BIRTHDAY: April 3, 1982
HEIGHT: 5'6" Weight: 115
HAIR COLOR: dark brown
TATTOOS/PIERCINGS: She has a butterfly tattoo on her lower back and a small dragonfly low on her hip just below her panty line. Aside from several piercings in her ears, she has bars through her nipples and her tongue is pierced.
SPOUSE: Sean Vetter
ANNIVERSARY: February 14, 2012

Born and raised in Queens NY, Sam considered herself the black sheep of the family, the screw up. Her parents and brother were to her, the perfect family. Her mother died in 1996 when Sam was 14. With her drinking and partying getting out of hand throughout her early 20s, it came with a price in September 2008 thanks to an abusive boyfriend who attacked her and she ended up in the hospital from her injuries. There here was a small fight with big brother Don who found out she'd gotten into a bit of trouble with NYPD again, not to mention fired from her job, all because of her drinking. At the end of her rope, she finally sought help on her own, not knowing her brother had already seen her efforts to recover. After what happened with her ex, she knew things would never change unless she gave up men, which she did. Now her personal life is good, as well as things with her father and brother. She has controlled her drinking and although she's had a slip up or two, Sam hasn't fallen back into into her old habits and even got a job as a bartender again.

Now that her personal life is on track, she allowed herself to date men again. Sam met Sean Vetter at work one night in 2011 and they hit it off but decided to take things slow because of their pasts. Now they're a couple living in LA. Sam now works for LAPD in the executive office of media relations. Their first baby is due August 26, 2012 and they were just married on Valentine's Day 2012.

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Please note: Sam has only one verse with Sean Vetter because she insisted and she can be very persuasive.

Sam is from the show CSI:NY and played by Kathleen Munroe. I don't own either of them. I'm just having some fun.

mun and muse are well over 18
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